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When I’m looking at prospects, the most important things I’m looking for are competitive will and love of the game.
Pete Carroll, in his book, Win Forever.
Question: Walk Ons?

Hi Coach.  Do coaches normally allow for walk on tryouts?  I’m peaking late in my junior year and the school I’m interested in already has commits for 2014.  I’m thinking about asking the coach for a walk on tryout.

Every program is different on this.  You would need to ask each coach.  Some don’t have them.  Some have them but don’t really ever take anyone.  So have them and would take someone, but it’s still really tough (this is us).  Some have them and are looking for people every year.

I think you want to get detailed info from the coach about the process.  I’ve seen many people over the years think they have a legitimate shot to earn a spot on the team, but they are surprised when they show up and they don’t.  Make sure you communicate with the coach to see how it really works.


Thank you for your great blog it is very helpful. My son is in 8th grade. As recommended, we are interested in emailing schools of interest. He has been playing since age 3 and has extensive tournament experience but at this early stage before he has even…

Sorry I missed the rest of your comments but I appreciate your nice words.  Good luck!  College golf is so awesome.

Question: A 2014 or a 2015?

Where I live I will not graduate from highschool until late November 2014.  I guess technically I would be a 2014 recruit but realistically I would not start until Fall of 2015 (if I get recruited).  Would coaches look at me as more of a 2015 recruit?

I think you have control of this.  You could technically graduate from high school late Nov 2014 and start college in January.  You will have missed part of your Fall season, but you could do it.  

You could also wait until the Fall.  Some coaches do bring in players in the middle of the season in the scenario you are talking about.

I think you should be open to the situation, but also have your preference.  If your preference is strong you should make sure that you list yourself that way in all the events you play so coaches aren’t confused what year you are.  If you want to be a 2014 make sure everyone knows that.  If you want to be a 2015 make sure everyone knows that too.

I’m starting my junior year in January.   Can I start sending emails back and forth to coaches from January forward (if they want to send me one back)? Thanks.

Yes.  Good luck.  I hope they send emails back.

Question: When to send?

Is it too late for a recruit to send info to coaches at the end of the summer going into their senior year in hopes of having a strong summer or send the previous season’s info before the summer starts to get your name out even if it isn’t too strong?

It never hurts to send info to a coach, but you may not get the kind of feedback or response from them until you put up the results that they are looking for.  I don’t think you have to do either/or.  I say do both.  You’ll be surprised how quickly the interest will increase with your great results.

Question: Still Interested?

If you haven’t heard from a coach for a couple of months but they have traveled to come watch you play last summer and watched you at multiple tournaments are they still interested in you?

Hard to tell.  If you haven’t heard from them their interest probably isn’t real high, but they may still be interested.  I would recommend asking them where they are in the recruiting process and if they are interested in you.

Coaches recruit multiple people and are constantly evaluating who they most want.  Many things can influence where you may stack up.  It’s the job of the recruit to sell themselves to the coach as well as the coach to the recruit.   

Question: Late Signee, No Ivy League?

Have you ever signed a recruit after their senior year of high school after they didn’t receive a hoped for “likely letter” from an Ivy they were hoping for or or all your recruits committed far earlier than that?

The short answer is no.  I’ve never had that scenario.  Although most of our recruits are committed pretty early, I have added players in the summer after their senior year.  It’s rare, but if I had a roster spot and someone could make a big impact in our program I would certainly try to do it.

Question: Northwest Jr. Tour?

Do you ever look at Northwest Junior Tour results?

Yes, I look at all of them and occasionally attend the events when I can.

In a couple of days everyone will have seen this and it will be cliche, but I still am posting it here because I believe the main line so much.  ”You were made to be awesome.”

Messed Up Fonts

I have no idea why my fonts are all messed up today.  Sorry for my posts looking so goofy.  I’ll get it figured out for upcoming posts.  Happy New Year everyone!

What do I do if one (or more) coaches quit responding to my emails?

They probably aren’t very interested if they don’t respond.  I’m a very open and direct person so I would probably call them and say, “you haven’t been responding to my recent messages so I assume you aren’t interested in me any more.  Am I reading that correctly?”

how does your 2014 class stand? how many would you bring in?

I can’t publicly talk about our recruiting.  Contact me privately and I can give you a better feel of what we are doing.

Question: Do I have to play AJGA?

AJGA tournaments are expensive, can a Jr player make it or be seen playing Jr PGA tours?

I think the AJGA is great and if you can play them you should consider it.  But even the AJGA would be comfortable saying to you that it isn’t the only way to get good at golf or get exposure. 

On our team we have 10 players.  Three of them never played at AJGA event.  Two of them played quite a few AJGA events.  The other five played only between 1-3 events.  (My unofficial calculation).

If you are winning what you can play in the coaches will find you and want you.

Question: Course Difficulty?

My area has courses with 120ish slopes. Is it possible to get good enough to play college golf if they play 135-140ish courses?

You can become great anywhere.  It may take some creativity, but you can do it.  The course I grew up on was rated 69.1, 126 and I was at least a decent college golfer on a scholarship.  We often would make our own tees way behind the actual ones, change the pars, and do anything possible to make it tougher.  I would assume you can find a way to practice tough shots even if the course itself isn’t tough.  Play the course from 180-220 yards on every hole to work on your long iron play.  Hit driver on the short tight ones to learn to hit it into small areas.  There are things you can do.